The first walkthrough of homes for sale is crucial. It’s the first time you view the house from the inside and compare it to your dream house. During the first home visit, buyers often assess it based on its amenities, neighborhood, number of rooms. However, a home is more than that. It’s structural and stability plays a significant role. We bring you a checklist of things you look out for during the first visit of properties for sale.

Inspect The Floors

As per the best realtors, if you want to know whether the house’s plumbing is at par or not, inspect its floors. If there is unusual dipping or sagging near the bathroom, it signifies that the plumber has done some interesting work beneath the floor. Sagging floors in any other house’s area indicate that the structure needs some work.

While visiting the basement of the house, another concern is finding that the floor seems damp despite the dry season. Inspect and try to find out from where the water is coming.

Look Out For Cracks In The Wall

The top real estate consultants recommend that a crack in the wall mean movement and a serious structural concern. Small cracks on drywall are nothing to be worried about; however, large or discoloration cracks may signify structural leakage and damage.

Notice The Fresh Paint

It’s normal for real estate brokers and home sellers to paint the property before putting it on the market. However, if you notice the fresh paint in some areas of the house that has not been renovated recently, it’s a sign of concern. It may mean that the sellers have either fixed or covered an issue. If you observe any unusual cover-ups don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Pay Attention To The Trees

Often top real estate agents and home inspectors overlook this significant element. Trees near a house may pose numerous threats including, trees falling over the home or catching fire during the storm. They may also lead to other inconveniences such as bugs infestation, roots growing in the basement, or gutter plugging with leaves. Getting rid of the big trees can be expensive.

Assess The Windows

Open and close its windows when you visit the house for the first time. Do they make any sound? Do you need to put extra effort into opening or closing them? Do they lock properly?
Remember, people often replace the windows with lower-quality and cheaper windows. It can add up to the cost in the future; however, it should not be a deal-breaker.

Bottom Line

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