Pet parents purchase a house by keeping their furry friends and their needs in mind. Real estate agents also help them with both buying and selling property hassle-freely. Realtors make sure pet parents find an appropriate house for their cat, dog, or any other furry friend. They understand the buyers’ responsibility towards them and guide them through the hunting process confidently. These professionals possess the skills, experience, and knowledge required for the job. They first help you sell your house fast and then present the best-suited listings. 

First, Look for a Pet-Friendly Neighbourhood

The best neighborhood is one with sidewalks, nearby parks, and shades. Chances are you would take your doggo for a walk, so these amenities are a must. Moreover, there should not be any stray animals as they can cause harm to your pup or kitty. Real estate marketing is just for that, as you can specify these requirements and segment the preferred sellers. It would help if you also unleashed the surroundings for examining the plants that grow there. You don’t want to take your pets on a walk and let them consume something toxic. 

Second, Check If the Floor Is Safe for Pets

Talk with any flooring expert, and they will tell you how important it is to have solid hardwood floors. Hardwood floors are repairable when scratched. Furthermore, if you sell your houses to buy one with wooden flooring, consider reclaimed or distressed wood. While that’s something you should choose, remember you don’t want ‘wall-to-wall carpet’ with pets in your house. 

Third, Decide If You Want a House with Stairs

Many pets can’t climb the stairs once they turn old. That’s because, with time, they get joint problems that don’t allow them to move with ease. Therefore, consider if your dogs will be okay with multi-level houses when publishing property ads for homes for sale classifieds. If you still choose them, make sure there are carpet runners on every stair in the building. 

Fourth, Choose Appropriate Yard Size and Location

Yards or lawns are great for daily exercise and outdoor activities. Everybody knows how jumpy and carefree pets are. That makes it essential for you to choose a big yard for active breeds. However, if you have a smaller breed, you can try homes with small lawns. Besides, don’t forget to mention in your real estate classifieds that the yard should have at least a five-foot-high fence. 

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Bottom Line

Before buying a pet-friendly home, move out of the home you don’t want to reside in anymore. You can use Puerto Rico and The World’s real estate advertising tool to create classified ads for houses. All you have to do is add your listings, promote your products, and advertise your business on the platform. If you want, you can also hire a realtor to do that for you. After all, it’s for the sake of your beloved furry friend.

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