A Dealer’ Guide to Selling a Used Car

A Dealer' Guide to Selling a Used Car - #1 Automotive Classified Ads Portal

If you are bored with your old car, you can now sell it for a handsome amount. But that depends on to whom you sell it. There are two different mediums to sell pre-owned cars- first, a private buyer, and second, an automotive dealer. Both offer their share of benefits and disadvantages. Eventually, it depends on your end goal and time you are ready to invest, with whom you choose to deal. 

We understand that parting with the beloved vehicle that you drove for years is an emotional experience. But, we also get how difficult it is to put perfect used cars for sale. That’s why we have discussed experts’ tips to help you get the best deal possible. Read on. 

Clean It Up and Prepare It for the Sale

You wish to do everything possible to make your vehicle look tidy. While selling your cars, you would want them to be appealing. So, it’s always better to tidy up all the dirty equipment. Besides, it’s safe to keep a record of each maintenance as proof. If anyone asks for them, you should have something to show them. Lastly, there is no need to sell extra rims if they are already in there. 

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Consider a Clean and Attractive Surrounding in the Picture

Any used car dealerships choose a clean and impactful surrounding while clicking the photo of the car. Additionally, it is also essential to move every vehicle away from the range of the camera. You have to depersonalize it; thus, don’t show family members or pets in the photo. Ideally, choose to take a snap at some scenic spot, away from other junk. 

Describe Everything, But Don’t Overdo It.

When you promote your products, it’s wise to describe even the minute detail. It should be brief and thorough. You should neither name the vehicle with just its price nor write a whole essay. Many car dealerships end up pointing out its flaws unintentionally for the sake of being honest. But, you don’t need to list every single thing that’s wrong with the car. 

Negotiate Wisely and Trade for a Fair Price

Make a smart move, and don’t tell the dealer if you are interested in a new purchase. Many certified car dealers often try to offset the amount by raising the price. Aside from that, which part of the year you choose to sell pre-owned vehicles matters. For instance, spring is the best time to get a better price for certified used cars. 

Bottom Line

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Whether You Must Invest in A New or Used Car?

New and Used Car Dealership Near You

When you decide to introduce a car to your family, the first question that will bother you is, “whether you should add your listings of new or old cars?” The old car vs. the new car is not a new argument. Some people will suggest you invest in old cars as they are more budget-friendly whereas some may agree that there is no alternative for a brand new car. 


One of the advantages of purchasing a new vehicle is that it comes with a warranty. It will cover most of the repairs and issues that may arise within the first year of ownership. However, very few brand new cars require repairs; thus, you must focus on maintenance. 

A used car may need more frequent repairs on the vehicle. Moreover, these repairs may not be covered under warranty. You can also opt to buy a car from certified pre-owned car dealerships that are inspected and resold by the manufactures. They may come with a warranty.


New cars are expensive than used cars. Sometimes the new car sellers as, a part of the ‘promote your products’ and ‘advertise your business’ drive, may offer you financing options at a low-interest or zero interest rate. It can help you grab an affordable deal for your new car. However, before that, you need to find out whether you qualify for the car loan.

Although you may not find zero interest rates for your used car, you can find good financing options. 


Depending on the model of the car you are interested in, the insurance rate may be lower for a used car than for a new car. It may be because it is not as costly to repair an old car compared to a new car. 


When you visit a new car dealership, they will offer you vehicles equipped with the latest technology. It means vehicles with lower emissions and better mileage. Thanks to the latest technology, you can use GPS on your car and connect it with your smartphone. Similar options may not be available with used car dealers.


Remember, buying a car is not an investment. Cars depreciate over time. When you invest in a new car, its value will start depreciating as soon as you drive it off from the dealership. 

When you buy a used car, its previous owner had already taken the biggest hit. By maintaining it well, you may be able to recoup your investment. 

What is best for you?

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Whether you should invest in a used car or a new car depends on numerous factors and your choice. If you want to drive a car equipped with the latest technology and under a warranty, you must invest in new cars. If you are looking for a good deal at an affordable cost, you must invest in old cars. 

Whether you want to buy a used car or a new car for the best deals, visit Puerto Rico and The World. It is one of the best car advertising tools with classified ads for cars all across the world.