First-time home buyers share a huge list of needs and want with their real estate agents. Some of them are not even aware of the wide range of options available. Many sellers stage their homes for sale while putting their property on the market as a part of ‘promote your products’ strategies. Remember, once they take away all their belongings, only their house and its amenities are left. We bring you a list of amenities that you should look out for in your new homes.

The Condition of The Kitchen Appliances

One of the most expensive amenities of construction homes can be their kitchen appliances. The condition, care, and age of the machines would play a significant role in deciding whether you should buy a new appliance or service the old one.

Material and Finishing of The Home

Once you have decided your budget for a new house, the best realtors will guide you about the materials you can expect at your price. Home with low sale value has plastic laminate kitchen counter and bath cabinets, lower-end carpet, and vinyl flooring. On the other end, the expensive homes have resilient floorings such as wood and tiles, slate or granite kitchen counter, and other facilities such as dining bars and wet bars.

Look at the Roof

While visiting the best properties in your town, don’t forget to observe the house’s ceiling. The water spots on the dome can be a sign of possible cracks, leaks, and structural damage. In the area where the ceiling meets the roofs, look out for wall surfaces and drywalls.

Observe Outdoor Area

Don’t forget to check the downspouts, gutters, roof, and outdoor condition of the house. If you are purchasing old property, inquire your real estate consultant, the house owner of its maintenance, such as the maintenance date and replacements.

Don’t Forget the Neighborhood.

Yes, the house is important, but the location, safety, and proximity of numerous amenities are influencing factors. Ensure that the neighborhood is safe, closer to work and school (if you have children). It should also have a convenience store and cafes.

The Master Bedroom

While checking the amenities of your dream house, inspect the master bedroom. What is its size? Does it have a balcony attached to it? Can it be accessed from outside? On which floor level is it situated? Does it have a walk-in closet? Does it have a fireplace? These are some of the questions that you should ask yourself while analyzing the bedroom and choose as per your requirement.

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