Townhouses are a major part of real estate listings. They act as a tempting offer for empty nesters and first-time homebuyers looking for the middle ground between apartments and a single-family home. It is a beautiful combination of privacy and affordability.

Remember, marketing a townhouse is different from selling a single-family home. To help you in the real estate marketing of the townhouse, we have put up a guide for you. You can thank us later!

Advertise The Ease Of Maintenance

As per the top real estate agents, one of the biggest highlights of the townhouses is their ease of maintenance. Maintenance chores such as roofing, exterior upkeep, snow removal, landscaping, and lawn care are the obligation of the Home Owner Association (HOA). Thus, allowing the residents to enjoy a worry-free weekend.

Moreover, HOA governs the noise, yard maintenance, and other factors, ensuring a pleasant and trouble-free environment for the residents. It will be a good pitch to your potential buyers to pique their attention. Don’t forget to inform your clients that they will have to pay maintenance fees.

Market The Nearby Amenities

When you put up the classified ads for the townhouse, don’t forget to market the amenities of the condominium complex. Amenities about which you must talk are:

Don’t Forget To Stage Your Townhouse.

One of the similarities between the townhouse and single-family home marketing is staging. Before you add your listings, declutter and depersonalize the house. Check the houses for damage, peeling, fading windows, sidings, and doors. Don’t forget to check the exterior of your wall. Usually, it is the responsibility of the HOA; however, in some communities, it’s the house owner’s job to maintain the house and its yard.

If you are still doubtful about marketing or staging your townhouse, you can hire a realtor. However, before hiring one, ensure that they are experienced and know the market well.

Be Ready With The Documents

So, you have finally secured a deal! Congratulations! But, are you ready with the documents? We recommend sharing the associated documents, such as regulations and code of conduct, with your client at the earliest. If you don’t offer these documents to your buyers within the deadline, they may back out from the deal. It may result in your property being on the market for a long time and making it difficult to sell.

We also recommend asking for the yearly maintenance fees and schedule from the HOA so that you can explain to your prospective buyer the breakdown of the fees.

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As a townhouse seller, you must advertise your business and promote your products on a platform that will connect you with a large number of potential buyers.

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