Whether you buy a vehicle from pre-owned car dealerships or new car sellers, you will love it equally and would like it to run smoothly for a long time. Many car lovers will take care of their vehicle like a baby. The tiny and timely care of your car can reduce the expensive and frequent visits to workshops. Moreover, it also increases the life of your vehicle.

Maintain the tires’ pressure.

Knowing how to maintain the pressure of your car’s tires can reduce their wear and tear to an extent. It also results in the good mileage of the vehicle. Incorrect tire pressure enhances the risk of tire damage and blowout. Moreover, it also reduces the displacing ability of tires, water and cut grips. It is recommended that you keep the tire inflated to the advised level. You can also raise the pressure from the suggested level by three psi without any damage to the tire.

Check the engine oil.

Insufficient lubricant or engine oil can reduce the car’s mileage. It can also cause pressure on the engine or even damage it. You should check the oil level frequently and change it for every 5,000 to 8,000 km. You can change the engine oil yourself with the assistance of the owner’s manual or take professional help. To get an accurate reading of your engine oil, always park the car on a surface level. You should also choose the best engine oil depending on the oil viscosity.

Ensure smooth gear transition.

While driving, change gear smoothly. Abrupt or harsh gear transition can lead to the wear of gear and clutch of your car. You should also avoid resting your foot on the vehicle’s clutch while switching gears, as it can lead to clutch plate damage in the future.

Try not to drag your car in the traffic lights.

At this point, add your listings of vehicle maintenance, saying no to drags at the traffic light. The high acceleration followed by hard braking can cause a strain on brakes, gearbox, and engine. Drive smoothly and pace yourself. It can also lead to better fuel efficiency. Try spotting the red light from a distance and early. It will also be helpful if you must also avoid braking hard.

Replace the engine air filter of your car.

A dusty air filter can permit the entrance of dirt and other particles into the engine of your car. It can reduce the efficiency of your vehicle. It is recommended that you should inspect the air filter of your car at least once a year, and replace them when required.

Bottom Line.

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