There’s nothing like getting a new client or customer. And, when you’re in the business, there’s no better way to do this than with an effective classified ad. But what makes a good classified ad? How do you write one that’s going to attract the right customers? In this article, we’ll show you exactly how it’s done. Let’s dive in!

1. Be clear.

You can’t expect to sell something if the person reading your ad doesn’t understand exactly what it is you’re selling. Your goal should be to write in simple language and use short sentences, paragraphs, and bullet points wherever possible. You can also make important points stand out by using bold or italic text or underlining them (if they’re not already).

2. Be concise.

Writing a short ad and to the point is essential for conveying your message. You don’t want your readers to lose interest before they’re even finished reading, so make sure you tell them why they should buy from you in as few words as possible. Use bullet points if necessary, but try not to ramble on about every single detail of your product or service–it will only bore people and make them less likely to contact you after reading! Also, remember that less can be more: avoid unnecessary words like “a” or “the” when possible; these are called filler words and they take up space without adding anything substantive to what you’re saying (e.g., instead of saying “the car”, say “my car”).

Finally, use active verbs instead of passive ones whenever possible (this will also help keep things interesting). For example: “She sold her house yesterday.” vs., “Yesterday her house was sold by her realtor.” The first sentence sounds more engaging because it gives us a sense of action. In contrast, in the second example, we don’t know who did what–we know something happened at some point during yesterday morning/evening/etcetera…

3. Be creative.

The third tip for writing classified ads that sell is to be creative. You should use your creativity in the language you use, as well as with fonts, colors, and images.

Bottom Line.

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